Healthy Relationships and Empower me programs.

Healthy Relationships and Empower me programs.

Healthy Relationships and Empower me programs.

Healthy Relationships and Empower me programs.

For over 15 years I have been booked as a key note speaker on teen DV , Domestic Violence, signs , confidence building , self love and self awareness issues not just with girls boys too. London to Australia including New York and Atlanta.

My social media is a safety hub for the community to come and speak with me in confidence for support a lot more sign posting takes place.
This is more effective for teenagers generally under 16- 25

In 2013 I decided that talking about the issue with teenagers was not enough. Feedback was showing that if they see the process of an unhealthy relationship building there’s a chance they will recognise the signs. I decided to search for a film for young people showing an unhealthy relationship and create a work shop based on Healthy / Unhealthy Relationships.

Letters to a young generation Book launched later that year. I was asked to write a letter to my younger self.
I chose to write about my unhealthy teen relationship basic signs in young girl terms with some positive notes on how a relationship should make you fell. (Self Love)

Author Book 2
Wounds to Wisdom International Bestseller on Amazon.
Partnership book with 11 Authors in America all experienced domestic abuse. The book shares a wealth on knowledge on the rebuild of your life. Every author sharing key principles and support processes which helped each of us move forward in our lives.
My chapter rebuilding your confidence after a traumatic experience.

After being booked by schools to read my chapter , sign books and share inspiration. I launched a pilot scheme later that year which includes the film and Q&A with a workshop format.

  • YPMCharity
  • St Martins in the Field Girls School
  • St Colombus RC school for boys
  • Kiyan Prince Foundation
  • Heart4More
  • London Youth
  • Juvenis
  • Bromley College
  • Greenwich College
  • Bexley College
  • Erith College

Bromley College Website :
Jenni Inspires the next generation on a recent visit!

St Colombus Catholic School for boys newsletter says:

Our students inspired by a session with Jenni. After she shared a book called letters to a young generation in 2016 . Our young people created an assembly for the younger boys based on what they would say to there younger selves.
The book LTYG2 for girls is signed by Jenni and a has a place in the library as our students are brothers and may become fathers in the future.

Juvenis Youth:
We are looking forward to more partnerships with Jenni. She has shown passion and consistency.
An inspiration to many of our young people. We have been consulting with Jenni in regards to youth issues, workshops and support systems…
Keep pushing Jenni

Thank You

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